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Epigenetic Mapping Service

We now have a tool that provides customized, personalized evaluation and
solutions – Epigenetic Hair Follicle Analysis. Powered by a system out of
Hamburg, Germany, the epigenetic mapping technology offers a unique approach to assessing an individuals’ system challenges.

Modern day living has many nutritional and environmental influences that can have
an impact on your body’s underlying wellness. Collectively, these are known as

Hair is an almost indestructible biomarker that carries a tremendous amount of
personal information. Using as few as four strands of hair, the technology “maps”
the hair follicles by reading the cell frequencies. 18 body systems are evaluated for
over 800 environmental influences that may be limiting those systems.

Environmental factors. Including full nutrition, frequency interference,
pathogen exposure, foods, food additives, and environmental challenges.
(See graphic below of categories for the environmental issues analyzed)

See what body systems are under stress and see the path to fix them!

Epigenetic Report

Each Epigenetic Report Includes:

  • Full color 36-page personalized report.
  • A complete list of specific nutrient demands for the individual.
  • A detailed list of environmental exposures and/or sensitivities that exist for the individual.
  • Detailed recommendations to support the individuals systems, determined through environmental stressors found.
  • A list of foods to eat, and those to avoid, for
    the next 90 days.
  • 1 hour consultation to review your results and
    create a strategy to address issues identified.
  • 1 month nutritional supplementation on on
    first Epigenetic Report

More information on the technology used to perform epigenetic testing can be found here.

Epegenetic Pricing

*$198 -2nd Report  includes hair analysis, full report, 1-hour consultation, and nutrition support recommendations.

$99-3rd report and beyond includes hair analysis, full report, and nutritional and preventative recommendations (your previous experience should help you learn how to interpret and utilize your personal report.