Chiropractic technique is important in order to cater to your specific needs!

Tailored Technique

Not every chiropractor uses a technique that will maximize patient relief, depending on individual symptoms.   Techniques include Gonstead, Motion Palpation, Logan basic, Applied Kinesiology, Activator methods, and more. “Mainstream” chiropractic practitioners use manual manipulation (grade 5 mobilization) which facilitates “cavitation” or the audible release of a joint. There are many “light force” techniques that often incorporate instrumentation or muscle testing. Most techniques have a degree of efficacy. It’s just a matter of whether the patient’s condition fits well with that particular technique.

At Align, we are predominantly manual practitioners. We utilize a system of techniques called “Diversified.” This is a combination of techniques where you incorporate all of the different forms of manual manipulation utilizing those which are best suited to address each individual patient’s needs.

The focus and what technique we use is dependent on each, individual patient!

We emphasize specificity and isolation in this model. Using “motion palpation” (a technique where you touch and move each vertebrae or joint in the spine), we work to isolate each individual patient’s symptoms and trouble spots. This is an “interpretive” or “intuitive” type methodology. In this manner, there is no guess work in your adjustment. The gift in good chiropractic lies in the ability to isolate your involvement. Once we have found your “pain generator,” we correlate this with you, confirming we are on the right spot, then deliver the adjustment, or what we preferably call the “correction.”

We are passionate about tailoring the care we render specifically to each patient. We have coined this mechanically correct joint care. When adjusted in this fashion, the body will see improved function and optimal function results in improved or resolved symptoms and decreased propensity for future recurrences.