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Becoming a Chiropractor?

One of the greatest coaches of all time, Vince Lombardi, had many attributes we work to emulate. One of his premises was, "the relentless pursuit of perfection leads to excellence."

At Align, we are passionate about chiropractic medicine and desire to "forward the work." We feel there is always something to be learned and further growth to be made. Continued focus on self-improvement and the growth of others is important to us. Education is foundational in leading us to an improved self. In that regard, we prompt you to pursue higher education and live up to your full potential.

Do you desire to learn more about chiropractic or are you looking to become a chiropractic physician? Come see us.

  1. Shadowing. We welcome you to come "shadow" us at our clinic and learn more about this great profession and see if it is for you.
  2. Preceptorship. We have and continue to provide mentoring for nearly graduated chiropractic interns. A "preceptorship" is a 4-6 month internship with the doctor in clinical practice to refine and hone knowledge and skills at the completion of a chiropractic students' education. We have facilitated this opportunity for young doctors over the span of many years.
  3. Residency. In collaboration with the efforts of Dr. Laney Nelson, who is in practice with us at Align, we are in the process of chartering a sports medicine residency program, the first of its kind in the chiropractic profession. This will likely be offered in affiliation with the Logan University of Health Sciences in St. Louis, Missouri.

As chiropractic sports medicine practitioners, we are also affiliated with several postgraduate education/credentialization organizations. Look to "ProSport Chiropractic" and the "American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians" or "ACBSP" on the Links page to learn more about educational opportunities.