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We are physicians that keep up with the current research. The information age is here and things are changing quickly. It's important to stay up with the most current information so that our diagnostics, treatment and recommendations are always on the cutting edge. In this way, you, as the patient, are afforded the latest in treatment options and recommendations.

Articles from major research journals, that we find to be most relevant, will be posted here periodically. They are here for your review and benefit. They will be taken from periodicals such as the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, the Journal of Manipulative Physiologics and Therapeutics, Spine, and the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association. 

Research drives validation. It is ultimately important that we, as physical medicine practitioners, strive to validate our treatment protocols through peer-reviewed, outcome-based research. 

I have several directions of thought on topics for research study. Shortly, I will propose, in "abstract,” one of these research studies. This will incorporate the help and expertise of the professors at the Anatomy Lab at Brigham Young University: the neuroanatomy of the costo-transverse joint of the thoratic spine and its relevance to the chiropractic and interventional pain management physicians.

Any topics you would like included? Email us at alignrehab@gmail.com and we will keep our eyes open and share with you what the literature has to offer.






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