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TheraBand® Pro Foam Rollers

Available in 6" diameters in 15" length

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly durable closed-cell foam offering extended life
  • Ideal for training, injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Helps increase muscle flexibility and ROM
  • Supports stabilization exercises which provide a solid platform for proper posture
  • Offer myofascial release

TheraBand® Exercise Balls

These are inflatable exercise balls used to strengthen and tone the abdomen, back, chest, arms, thighs, legs and buttocks. They maximize stretching, increase flexibility, and improve balance and coordination, help to develop heightened sensory motor skills, improve balance and trunk stability, and provide many other physical benefits.

Standard Features:

  • Easy to use in home or clinic
  • Heavy duty, non-slip vinyl
  • Supplied with full color poster of 24 exercises for enhanced value and convenience for reference included in package
  • Increase flexibility and improve coordination and balance
  • Strengthen and tone abdominals, trunk muscles, arms and legs
  • Pump sold separately


  • Yellow, 45 cm for 4'7" to 5'
  • Green, 65 cm for 5'7" to 6'1"

Supports up to 1000 pounds when properly inflated. Constructed of high-quality vinyl with latitudinal ribs for easier grasping. Contains no latex.

Theraputic Ice Packs

Another excellent general purpose ice pack. For shoulders, lower back and knees. Works well for chiropractic care, physical therapy and sports injuries.